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Keeping Informed

Tools and Resources to Navigate Through the Year

Avon Old Farms has several ways of keeping parents informed about all the amazing things happening on and off campus. Throughout the school year, you will receive scheduled communications from the school that will help you be aware of key events and information. As always, you can also reach out to our faculty and staff with questions; individual email addresses and phone numbers can be found on our faculty directory.

Regular Communications From The School

Type of Communication How When
2-Week Rundown: A quick-grab overview of important information that is happening at the School. You may access a complete archive on the Parents Page. Email Every two weeks
News, Calendar, and Athletic Feeds: Sign up for email or text alerts and calendar feeds via our website. Website Ongoing
Parents Page Announcements: Sign up to receive email or text alerts for important news. You can also bookmark the Parents Page on your mobile device! Website Ongoing
Academic Information: You may access the student portal at any time. Academic deans and/or advisors will communicate to you via email as needed. Portal; Email Ongoing
Social Media: We post engaging stories and photos on our social media channels almost daily! Facebook

Terms & Lingo

Being a student at Avon Old Farms means participating in community-building events and routines. The history and tradition built into the foundation of daily life is what helps the school thrive with connection.

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