Student Bank and ATM

Student ID Cards

Each student is issued a Student ID Card. The ID card will be valid while the student is actively enrolled at the school. Lost or damaged cards will be replaced at a cost of $5 per card.

ATM Information

Avon Old Farms School strongly recommends that each student have a personal bank account. If a student does not have ATM access to a bank from his hometown, the Business Office will provide assistance in establishing an individual savings and/or checking account that includes ATM access.

Due to the structure of the daily schedule, this could take some time to complete at the start of the year; therefore, we strongly encourage our families to make banking arrangements before they arrive in September.


If opening a personal bank account is not an option, parents can deposit funds directly into their son’s student bank account for personal use such as weekly allowance, transportation, or other special needs. Weekly allowances may be drawn at the Business Office from this account. The recommended weekly allowance for all students is $40. Funds may be picked up on Wednesdays or Fridays, between 12-3:30 p.m.

My Kids Spending

Balance information can be obtained by going online and viewing your student’s account using My Kids Spending (MKS). Parents are required to setup a login account to MKS for online deposits and to monitor expenditures. The school does not mail out monthly statements. Payments to replenish the account balance may be made by mailing a check directly to Avon Old Farms School Student Bank with your son's name in the memo line or via cash payment in the Business Office. Payments can also be made online through My Kids Spending via check or credit cards.

My Kids Spending Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Kids Spending?

My Kids Spending is a safe and secure website where parents can view and manage their child's bank debit card account activity at any time and from virtually anywhere. Through the My Kids Spending website, parents may deposit funds into their student’s account using a credit card or electronic check.

What are the benefits of using My Kids Spending?

Parents can view their child's activity within 24 hours of a transaction. Parents may add funds to the debit card account at any time. Parents with more than one child at Avon, can setup My Kids Spending to manage all their children through one login and one password.

Why is Avon Old Farms using My Kids Spending?

My Kids Spending is a great way for parents to manage their child's bank debit card account remotely. Through a safe and secure website, parents can add funds to the account so the child will have funds available the next day for their purchases.

How do I register for My Kids Spending?

After you send in your initial deposit of $500, you will receive a letter with your email or password. If you do not receive this by September 1, please email You will need a valid email address and your student’s ID number (which can be found on the student’s tuition invoice). You will be emailed back a login and password.

My child’s balance is low, how can I add funds to his account?

You can deposit funds in three ways. First by using a credit card, second by electronic check or lastly by sending a check or cash directly to the Avon Old Farms Student Bank. You can also set up the account to fund itself when the balance is low. When this occurs, you receive an email notice and a statement of spending since the last funding.

I noticed that there are transaction fees involved with the on-line deposits. Why is that?

The small fee, charged by My Kids Spending is used to cover the bank and credit card transaction fee and hosting the secure website. To avoid these transaction fees, you can send a check to the Business Office or deposit cash into your child’s account.

Will we be sent monthly statements?

The school will no longer send out monthly statements. One of the benefits of using My Kids Spending is the ability to view your child’s account at any time. My Kids Spending does not send out email notices or statements each month, but you can set a balance at which point you will automatically receive a statement. You may also log on and request a statement for the current month at any time. Additionally, you will also receive a statement whenever an automatic funding occurs.

Will I need to register every year?

No, your registration with My Kids Spending at Registration does not expire. Once you have registered, you will not need to repeat the process.