Campus Safety

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Campus Safety

The safety of our students and faculty is of utmost importance at Avon Old Farms. 

The Avon Old Farms Safety Department is committed to proactively sustaining a safe place for our boys to live, learn, and thrive. Our team of highly-qualified professionals, with experience ranging from state and local police training to military and FBI leadership, strategically coordinate to provide round-the-clock protection. 

Our Safety Department works hand-in-hand with the Avon Police Department to ensure the campus is efficiently prepared for a quick response. Avon Old Farms was one of the founding members and continues to be a leader with the Regional Independent School Safety Committee (RISSC) which is composed of 26 preparatory schools in New England and New York. The mission of this organization is to develop safety procedures, identify best practices, share information, and provide training for the membership.

Preparation is central to campus safety, and by using Reach and the CISCO campus-wide alert system, Avon Old Farms has conducted monthly fire and/or crisis response drills, both announced and unannounced, to reinforce the procedures and responsibilities of the students and staff; each drill has been conducted under the observation of trained Avon police officers and the Avon Old Farms Emergency Response Team. We take time at Morning Meeting to disseminate the feedback following these drills to the students and school community, and over the years this has helped create a strong, informed culture of safety. Since our campus environment poses several challenges that a traditional high school does not face, we focus on three keywords  about campus-safety: Community, Awareness, and Responsibility. 

Campus Safety Phone Numbers

Police/Fire/Serious Medical Emergency 911
Avon Police Department 860-677-9746
Safety Department (office) 860-404-4141
Safety Department on Duty Cell phone  860-214-8181
Dean on Duty Cell Phone  860-882-3168
Health Center 860-404-4234

Meet Our Safety Team

Eric Lundell

Eric Lundell

Director of Campus Safety, History Faculty
René Twarkins

René Twarkins

Safety Team

Safety Department Mission Statement

The Avon Old Farms Safety Department provides increased security and safety for the Avon Old Farms School community, without significantly impacting the daily freedom of the campus environment. We ensure a safe environment by developing a flexible plan that can be applied to a variety of emergency situations, including school violence, hazardous incidents and/or weather events. This strategy will be both proactive and reactive in design and will address the overall safety of the campus community in partnership with the Avon Police Department.