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We're committed to the whole-body/emotional health and well-being of each student at Avon Old Farms. Our Health Center is a place of comfort: our experienced and nurturing medical professionals are trained to heal, guide, and educate students. The Health Center is staffed with the following licensed care-givers:

  • Six Registered Nurses that provide 24/7 nursing coverage while school is in session, either in the office or on call.
  • A Medical Director, Dr. Mark Gilroy, a local pediatrician that comes to campus three times a week to see students for illness or injuries occurring at school or during school related activities.
  • A Contracted School Counselor, Jeffrey Asmar (LCSW), provides confidential counseling for emotional well-being. This service is included in the cost of tuition.
  • A Part Time Psychiatrist, Dr. Lisa Karabelnik are available to all students. This service is not included in the cost of tuition.

The Health Center works in partnership with the Connecticut Childrens Medical Center in Hartford Connecticut and can make referrals to our medical doctor, clinical psychologist, or physical therapist.  

Health Center Announcements

RETURNING STUDENTS: Important Information Regarding the Tdap Vaccine

Note from Director of Nursing:

In the past, AOF has not tracked the Tdap booster vaccine in Magnus, only the series of four vaccines that every child is required to have before starting kindergarten. However, our new Medical Director feels that we should be making sure (and tracking) that everyone has had the booster. 

The Tdap booster is a required vaccine in the state of CT and is often a vaccine that doctors offices/urgent care centers ask about; therefore, this year we added a new requirement in the immunization section specifically looking for the Tdap booster. I have not yet had time to review all returning students' previously submitted immunization records to check for documentation of the Tdap booster vaccine. I am working through them as quickly as possible. 

In the meantime, you will get reminders from Magnus that your son's Tdap vaccine is incomplete. Please ignore these reminders for now. I will reach out to you if we do not have the correct documentation showing this vaccine. I should have all of the returning students' Tdap vaccines reviewed by July 15. Thank you for your understanding as we are trying to be as thorough as possible with our vaccine documentation.

Heather Callaghan, RN, BSN


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