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We're committed to the whole-body/emotional health and well-being of each student at Avon Old Farms. Our Health Center is a place of comfort: our experienced and nurturing medical professionals are trained to heal, guide, and educate students. The Health Center is staffed with the following licensed care-givers:

  • Six Registered Nurses that provide 24/7 nursing coverage while school is in session, either in the office or on call.
  • A Medical Director, Dr. Mark Gilroy, a local pediatrician that comes to campus three times a week to see students for illness or injuries occurring at school or during school related activities.
  • A Contracted Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Dan Martin, Ph.D., provides students with counseling and psychological services to assist with their emotional well-being. This service is included in the cost of tuition. Parents/guardians who are interested in utilizing Dan Martin's services should contact him directly by calling 203-887-7454.
  • The School also has a relationship with a local psychiatrist, who provides medication consultation and management on campus as needed. The cost of these services is the responsibility of the student's family.

The Health Center works in partnership with the Connecticut Childrens Medical Center in Hartford Connecticut and can make referrals to our medical doctor, clinical psychologist, or physical therapist.  

Student Vaccine FAQ

Student Vaccine FAQ

Is the COVID-19 vaccine required?
COVID-19 vaccinations are not currently required by state law. 

Does my son still have to test if he is vaccinated?
Yes. Everyone, even those who are fully-vaccinated, are still required to test according to school policy.

Will my son have to quarantine if he is considered a close contact of a COVID-19 positive individual?
No. Anyone who is considered fully-vaccinated is not required to quarantine when deemed to be a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case unless they develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 themselves.

Will my son still have to test/quarantine if he/we travel?
Yes. The school’s Campus Leave Policies remain the same whether or not someone is vaccinated. You can find our updated Campus Leave Policies here.

Will the School facilitate access to vaccines for eligible students?
We have secured a time block on Friday, April 23, during one of Hartford Healthcare’s COVID-19 vaccine clinics at the Xfinity Theater in Hartford. This opportunity is available to all AOF students 16 years of age or older as of April 23, 2021. For parents interested in taking advantage of this opportunity for their son, there will be a webinar on Monday, April 12, at 6:30 p.m. ET.  There are important steps and several actionable items that need your immediate attention and completion to secure your son's appointment. With over 200 students eligible to participate, it is essential that we have your timely cooperation. If you are unable to attend, the session will be recorded.  Dose #2 is scheduled for Friday, May 14.

What vaccine will be given at the Hartford HealthCare Clinic?
The Pfizer vaccine will be the one given to students who attend the clinic on April 23rd.

How do I set up a MyChart Plus account for Hartford HealthCare?
Step by step instructions will be available after the webinar.

How do I schedule my son’s vaccine appointment for the April 23rd clinic?
Instructions will be available after the webinar.

What paperwork do I need to complete in order to have my son attend the clinic on April 23rd?
For students to attend the clinics on April 23rd and May 14th, the following requirements must be completed in Magnus:

For students 18+

  1. COVID Vaccine Clinic Consent

For students 16 & 17

  1. COVID Vaccine Clinic Consent

  2. HHC COVID-19 Vaccination: Parent/Guardian Consent Acknowledgement and Delegation

My son is 18. Does he have to get the Pfizer vaccine?
All three of the EUA approved vaccines have been approved for individuals 18 years and older. Therefore, if your son is 18 he can receive any of the three vaccines.  However, the only vaccine offered at the HHC clinic on April 23 is the Pfizer vaccine.

If I want to schedule a separate appointment for my son, how do I do that?
There are many different ways to schedule an appointment for your son. A few of those avenues are listed below. Please remember that if your son is 16 or 17 years old, you must select a clinic that is offering the Pfizer vaccine.

  1. Vax-A-Thon: Trinity Health of New England is running a 24-hour vaccine clinic from Friday, April 9, through Saturday, April 10.  

  2. CT COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling Options

  3. Hartford HealthCare

  4. UCONN Health

  5. Yale NewHaven Health

Can my son’s emergency contact take him to his appointment?
Unfortunately, no. Only parents/legal guardians may transport your son to and from his vaccine appointments.

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