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Health Center

We're committed to the whole-body/emotional health and well-being of each student at Avon Old Farms. Our Health Center is a place of comfort: our experienced and nurturing medical professionals are trained to heal, guide, and educate students. The Health Center is staffed with the following licensed care-givers:

  • Nine Registered Nurses that provide 24/7 nursing coverage while school is in session, either in the office or on call.
  • A Medical Director, Dr. Mark Gilroy, a local pediatrician that comes to campus three times a week to see students for illness or injuries occurring at school or during school related activities.
  • A Contracted Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Dan Martin, Ph.D., provides students with counseling and psychological services to assist with their emotional well-being. This service is included in the cost of tuition. Parents/guardians who are interested in utilizing Dan Martin's services should contact him directly by calling 203-887-7454.
  • The School also has a relationship with a local psychiatrist, who provides medication consultation and management on campus as needed. The cost of these services is the responsibility of the student's family.

The Health Center works in partnership with the Connecticut Childrens Medical Center in Hartford Connecticut and can make referrals to our medical doctor, clinical psychologist, or physical therapist.  

Everything You Need for the Start of School: 2021-22


For the most up-to-date COVID-19 related policies and procedures, please reference the COVID-19 addendum to the 2021-22 Student Handbook.

Student Health Services

Our Health Center will continue to work with Dr. Mark Gilroy, our medical director, who helped guide us through a very challenging and ever-changing year of health center policies and procedures last year. Our health center staff consists of an experienced team of registered nurses as well as our administrative assistant. We provide 24/7 medical coverage by a registered nurse in the office or on-call while school is in session. Our medical director is always on call as back-up if we need him.

Avon Old Farms School partners with Dr. Dan Martin, Ph.D., a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist. He provides brief psychotherapy and other interventions directly to students utilizing motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral strategies. In addition to having expertise in general psychological practice, Dr. Martin specializes in substance use assessment and treatment. Dr. Martin’s services are included in a student’s tuition and fees. Learn more about our counseling services.

The School also has a relationship with psychiatrist Dr. Eric Cohen who provides medication consultation and management on campus as needed. The cost of services provided by Dr. Cohen is the responsibility of the student’s family.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Martin this summer with any questions or for consultation and possible referral. He can be reached at: Dr. Martin will not start seeing any new students/patients for counseling or psychotherapy until they arrive on campus.

Health Center Document Requirements 

We utilize the Magnus Health Student Medical Record System. You should now be getting reminders to complete your son’s medical information and to sign new policies/consents for this school year. Here are a few important things to note about Magnus: 

July 15 Deadline: Please be sure to complete all medical forms and consents prior to July 15th in order to ensure that your son is able to move in and participate in all school activities as soon as he is on campus this fall.

  • Current Physical Exam: We require our students to have a complete physical exam every year. Please make sure that your son’s physical is completed within 12 months of the start of school. Whenever he has a new physical exam done, you can just upload the new one to Magnus for it to be reviewed and approved by one of our nurses.
  • Emergency Contact Designation Form: This form is very important and must be filled out by every student, both day and boarding. This form requires all parents/guardians to designate an emergency contact for their son who lives within 300 miles (five hours) driving distance from the school. The emergency contact listed agrees to pick up and assume care of the student when the parents/guardians are unavailable to do so. The student must be picked up from school within eight hours of notification. Some of the reasons a student may need to be picked up are, but not limited to: student isolation requirements due to a communicable disease such as influenza or COVID-19; mandated quarantine; school shut down/vacations; medical or mental health issues requiring close supervision or hospitalization; or a disciplinary issue. If you do not have anyone as an emergency contact, please contact the health center for options.
  • PPD Skin Test (All International & High Risk Students): All International students (new and returning) and any other high risk students are required to submit a form with results from a current summer 2021 PPD skin test or a quantiferon gold (T-spot) blood test. If the tuberculin skin test (PPD) is positive, a quantiferon gold (or T-spot) blood test will also be required. A chest x-ray is not an acceptable form of documentation for this requirement.
  • Other Vaccine Requirements: Avon Old Farms School follows the minimum immunization requirements established by the State of Connecticut. In addition, Avon Old Farms School requires that all students get the Meningococcal Conjugate (Menactra or Menveo) vaccine after the age of 12. This vaccine is required for most colleges and universities as well. The school also highly recommends that all students get the Meningococcal B (MenB, Trumenba or Bexsero) and the HPV series of vaccines.
  • Flu Vaccine: Although the flu vaccine is not mandatory at Avon Old Farms School, it is highly recommended. If you electronically sign the Parental Permission for Flu Vaccine form in Magnus, we will administer the flu vaccine to your son free of charge. We are scheduled to have flu vaccines available in early fall.
  • Proof of Health Insurance: All students must provide proof of health insurance coverage under a United States-based health plan that provides adequate coverage in the state of Connecticut. If necessary treatment, medication, or testing is not covered by the health insurance plan on file in Magnus, the parents/guardians are responsible for those charges. 

Submitting Forms to Magnus: All Magnus forms and documents must be uploaded by a parent/guardian through the parent portal. No hardcopies will be accepted, and our health center staff cannot upload forms for you. For ease of uploading documents and completing/editing your son’s Mangus account, check out the Magnus PHR (Personal Health Record) Mobile App. This app allows parents to simply take a photo of health forms with any smartphone and upload them directly to Magnus. Parents can complete all requirements and fill in student health data right from their phones as well. If you have a question about the Magnus Health Portal, please call the Magnus Parent Help Line at 877-461-6831.

Prescription Medication: School policy prohibits the use/storage of prescribed medication in a student’s dorm room, with the exception of: antibiotics, acne medication, asthma inhalers, topical ointments, nasal sprays, antivirals, and epipens. All other prescribed medication (such as medications for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, mood disorders and narcotics) must be stored in the Health Center and distributed by Health Center staff consistent with a doctor’s order. Any student who has a prescription medication that will be stored and dispensed in the Health Center must fill out the Prescription Medication Authorizations form in Magnus. If a student is found with any medication in their possession that was not approved by the Health Center, the dean of students will be notified and disciplinary proceedings may ensue per Code of Conduct.  Please refer to the Student Handbook and Prescriptions Medication Policy for additional details.

Prep4ward: Successful Life Preparation 

The Prep4ward program empowers students to successfully navigate throughout their lives with a developmentally-appropriate curriculum focused on personal growth, leadership, life skills, and health and wellness. The Prep4ward curriculum will be expanded for the 2021–22 academic year, creating more developed content and more learning opportunities for Avon students on the topics of personal growth, leadership, life skills, and mental and physical health and wellness. Now, more than ever, there is a need for this kind of content in the curriculum.

Healthy Athletes: Concussion Protocol

We have a remarkable athletic program at Avon Old Farms and strategically seek to keep our athletes healthy; therefore, we collaborate closely with Dr. Alessi-LaRosa, a concussion specialist and sport neurologist, to help us diagnose and treat students with concussions. As part of our concussion protocol to participate in athletics, ALL STUDENTS (new and returning) must take the impact test prior to the start of every school year.

Key Resources and FAQs

Our Health Center page is located here. This is your resource for important announcements, Health Center hours, contact information, policies and procedures, and many other frequently asked questions. This page will be updated as new policies and information are available.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (860) 404–4234 or Note: during the summer, our staff will check phone messages weekly and review emails daily. Therefore, emailing us is the best way to communicate with us during the summer.